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HeartSafe EMS has been an industry leader in First Aid Training and heart defibrillator sales since 1995. We are a federally and provincially approved workplace provider of First Aid, CPR and AED training, in accordance with the Ontario WSIB Regulation 1101, HRSDC Labour Program and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. We offer defibrillator equipment, First Aid, CPR and AED training in Toronto, Ottawa, London, Southern and Northern Ontario.

“HeartSafe EMS is like no other Emergency Education and Training company. The trainers who are paramedics and fire fighters share their experiences as they have first hand knowledge of the topics they are covering. They are animated and can capture an audience instilling confidence in those they train. The service is flexible, reliable and professional making it easy to organize training sessions. Thanks for helping us train more than 1000 people a year, allowing us to feel confident in the event of an emergency.”

—Lindsey Stanford, Manager, Human Resources and Health & Safety ClubLink Corporation